samedi 21 février 2009

another Saturday

Pictures taken today at the Carnaval in the neighborhood where I grew up!
Another beautiful day filled with free activities!!!

Theses horses were so cute!

My son is on the poney...

vendredi 20 février 2009

mercredi 18 février 2009


Maintenant que j`ai votre attention!!! hahaha, voici une jeu qui peut etre sympa ...

Le blog par la poste

Voici une activité qui semble interessante trouvé ici :

allez vous inscrire!!! c`est gratis comme on dit!!! cliquez sur le lien pour plus d`info!

merci lapinblanc!

dimanche 15 février 2009

A beautiful day!

Today, my son & I went to our neighborhood Winter Carnaval! The weather was nice! Sunny, blue sky, no clouds, no wind and fairly warm -2 celcius!
What I enjoy with theses Carnavals in my hometown is that everything is FREE! Sleigh rides, poney rides, go-carts on snow, skating, dogs "sleigh-ride"(traineau à chiens), etc...

Every week-end there`s a winter carnaval in different neighborhoods of my hometown. We try to attend most of them :) We spend a day outside , it`s not expensive, my son enjoys it very much! We participate ! We move!!! We enjoy "winter"!!! (I prefer summer...)

So, now you know how I spent my day!!! With my son!!! We had a great time!!!

BTW: my mind is almost made up... i`ll probably accept job #2 (Répartitrice aux télécommunications, SQ) Yep.... Watch my words: The right man for me will be working at job #2, i have a feeling about this!!! Can`t wait to greet him into my life ;) in the meantime, tomorrow i`ll go buy myself some Laura Secord at 50% off ;)
*picture taken by me ;)

samedi 14 février 2009

14 février

Bonne St-Valentin!!!
Happy Valentine`s day!!!!
*picture taken out of google!

vendredi 13 février 2009


Well, well, well.... decision time for me!!! In less than 3 weeks, I received 3 good job offer.... What to do!!?
All 3 of them have their "pros & cons" (is it the way to write it?)

I have til next week to decide which one will become my career..... at the same time, I find life pretty cool to offer me not 1, not 2 but 3 jobs.... I didn`t want to be a teacher anymore... I visualised working for 3 different employers....

  • Gouvernement du Canada... fonctionnaire fédérale
  • Gouvernement du Québec... fonctionnaire provinciale
  • Sûreté du Québec... répartitrice aux télécommunications

All of them offers me a good salary, challenging work, benefits... they all start with a 3 weeks training... the 1st one is to start on Feb.23rd.... and so on....

Well, I give myself another week to think about it.... :)

On another subject: I want to go to the movies!!! I want to see :

  • He`s just not that into you!!!( yes, I enjoy theses kind of movies!)
  • Polytechnique (Lest not forget)

  • Friday the 13th (i`d like to have a BF to go with so he could "protect me")

Hummm , today is Friday and it`s the 13th.... That means..... Tomorrow is the V-day and Cupid forgot about me AGAIN!!! lol! I`ll probably go to Laura Secord on the 16th and buy myself some sweet chocolate 50% off!!!

Have a good Friday the 13th !!!

*as usual , picture taken out of google!!!

lundi 9 février 2009

I found myself...

I was looking here : and I saw my son & I from yesterday`s event.
My son is just above the M on the GDTM, and I am behind my son. :) (click on picture to enlarge!)

*picture taken from my local newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

A hockey game for the 375th

Yesterday, I went to the Sulky in my Hometown for a big event. Yes, the mayor of my town organised a Hockey game with some hockey legends. The sky was blue, the sun was bright and 7500 people gathered to celebrate the 375th birthday of my hometown.

It was a very nice day filled with different activities. My son and I had fun! We got some freebies(hockey stick,granolabars, hats, an official hockey pucks, whistle,etc). We were there from 10 am til 6 pm.... a whole day spent outside!!!! Youppi!!!!

Here are some pictures I took! Enjoy!!!

lundi 2 février 2009

just for fun...

I found this while browsing on myspace... click on pictures to enlarge :)

kessé ca!?

*** update, I was looking at the pictures again and the ones following the picture below... and on this one (taken a few clic later) the "face"(picture below) transformed into that... (picture above)****((i don`t know how to put the pictures in the right order on this blog))(no sun, no flash,no lights/my lamp is broken!/, curtains were shut and my son took it)weird!

Bon, hier ma soeur est venue avec son mari et mes 2 neveux! yes!!! On a passé un brin d`après-midi à jaser tout en regardant les garçons s`amuser ensemble. Depuis que j`ai ma fabuleuse camera Kodak 9mp (qui fait des superbes photos!), mon fils de 4 ans aime bien prendre des photos de tout.....

Alors, hier, il prend ma caméra et prend des photos.... il est quand même bon... même si parfois le cadrage n`est pas super... anyway, il nous prend "au naturel" comme on dit.... Alors, je charge les photos à partir de la carte SDHC 8 gb sur mon ordi....

voici ce que j`y ai trouvé...... kessé ca???

(je crois que c`est un visage.... mon beau-frère a perdu sa mère voila meme pas un an d`un cancer du cerveau..... je viens d`enterrer mon cousin qui a fait une hémorragie cérébrale... y-a-t-il un rapport???) sur les autres photos, ca prend la forme d`une "ange" qui survolent entre le beau-frère et moi... pas de flash, pas de lumière dans le salon, pas de soleil non plus....
For my english reader : yesterday my 4 years old took this picture .... do you see something on the left?

dimanche 1 février 2009


Yes, I signed my contract with my new employer (Agence Revenu Canada, the canadian version of IRS in the USA)... I will start on the 23rd.... eager but also scared at the same time... i`ve been on my maternity leave since the birth of my son .... 4 years ago.... ouf!!!

Well, my cousin`s funerals are over... It was sad, but at the same time it somewhat brought the family "together"... I am emotionnally tired.... Just hope I won`t go to a funeral for the next 20+ years... (but i`m dreaming!)

At the salon, I took many pictures... and I believe that Michel was there... on some of them...

Well, we have so much snow... i can`t see my pool anymore.... and I feel like EVERYONE I know is flying somewhere South.... on a beach, on a cruise... but not me.... arrrgh! :(

Yesterday was my mom`s birthday... We went to Pacini`s. My meal was excellent! However mom`s and BFI`s plate wasn`t good.... unfortunately.... They still have that promo : on your birthday you get your age on discount..... well this year, i `ll get 36% off...

Well, I guess Valentine`s day 2009 will be another one spent as a single woman.... :(

I have this weird idea of kidnapping Cupid once & for all... are you with me????
*as usual picture taken out of google