lundi 16 août 2010

all in a month

A month ago today I met my boyfriend! Things are going pretty well and smoothly! We really do enjoy spending time together! I feel very good when I`m by his side!!!

I never imagine that i`d be happy and feel love again after my terrible break-up with Mr. Casino. My boyfriend is all the opposite of Mr. Casino. He doesn`t drink, he`s not a gambler. He`s a handyman, he cooks, he`s very clean. He likes to cuddle and just holding me in his arms! He gets along well with my son, my family and my friends. So far, he completes me well! I don`t know how many hours we spent outside by the fire just talking and relaxing together.... We both enjoy making fires, go biking or for a walk, go to the movies, festivals, etc. We enjoy cooking together... well as you can see, things are going very well!!! My son is so happy when he brings his dog to my place...

Last Saturday, we went to my sister to see my new niece, then we all went to the Hot Air Ballons Festival in St-Jean sur Richelieu... We went on rides, looked at the hot air ballons and then we watched Adam Lambert in concert!!! I was really looking forward to his show!!! I had a great time!

So, i`ve been busy spending time with my boyfriend, my son, family & friends! I am enjoying every minute of my summer! I feel great!!!!