lundi 20 septembre 2010

OK Go - White Knuckles - Official Video

This is an awesome video! Gotta love OK GO for their creativity & music!!! Love the dogs and how they went along with the choreography! Enjoy!!!

jeudi 16 septembre 2010

enjoying my life!

OMG! I know, i`ve been quiet here... well the reason is simple: i am busy enjoying my life with my son, my boyfriend and all of our family!

Last week end, we went to his camp by the Harricana river... it was really peaceful, romantic , awesome and interesting! I met with most of his family, they`re so nice. He has a very loving close-knitted family. I learned that I am the 1st woman he introduced to them... wow! That made me feel really special!

Sometimes i still don`t realise how blessed i am... life is good. I thought Mr. Casino was the one for me... NOT! My Mr. Handyman is the one i need in my life... We get along so well, every aspect of our life is smooth... our loving relationship is built on real family values, honesty, communication, respect & fidelity. It`s hard to explain, it`s just something we both feel towards each other.

My son is now attending the private school i went when i was a young girl. He`s in kindergarden.

I was sad to remove him from the other school but it was way too expensive for me.... I`m sure the new school will be better in the end... Mr. Handyman is spending quality time with him. He`s showing my son how to fix things around the house... he`s a good father figure to him. He`s really family-oriented, wanting only the best for my son. He knows what happened with Mr. Casino, my son is still hurt by all the bullshit he has done to our life... We`re working on fixing things out... My son is scared that Mr. Handyman might vanished from our life the way Mr. Casino did... Mr. Handyman is slowly taking his place, spending real quality time with both of us. slowly but surely!

So, i`ll post some pictures... enjoy!