jeudi 30 avril 2009

C`est le 30 avril...

Ouep!!! voilà 36 ans, je venais au monde!!! Yep, 36 years ago.... already!!!! Time surely flies!!!!

mardi 28 avril 2009


Ok, ok....

just letting you know, i`ve been very busy.....but everything is going well!!!! Nice weather, warm.... work is good!!! and countdown to my birthday has begun..... ;)

this is a picture of my cat Béatrice....

more to come this weekend....

vendredi 17 avril 2009

April sun!

This weekend I have a date!!!!! Yes , a date with my front lawn and my backyard!!!! I will be gardening!!! Adding new soil, mixing it with the existing one.... helping my plants to enjoy the sun!!!! No more snow on my front lawn !!!!! Yahooo!!!!

Little update: I really enjoy my new work! I LOVE my paycheck, and I`m surrounded by good coworker! :) So far, so good!!!
Hummmmm, in less than 13 days, it`ll be my birthday....I know it`s just a number but I wish I were in my 20`s again ;) But no complain : I feel younger in my heart and I think I look good :)Gym is still there, but this week was hard to achieve my 3x/week.... next week should be alright!

* as usual, picture taken out of google... but I wish these flowers were in my front lawn.... ;)

jeudi 9 avril 2009

He`s a singer from Quebec. He doesn`t have an agent. He sings classique-pop music. He has a great voice!!! He sells his tickets on the street by himself. He performed in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and now, he will perform in June in Chicago. He wants Oprah to attend. So, check him out on youtube and pass this info along. :)

Enjoy! :)

dimanche 5 avril 2009

a haircut and apple cider....

Yesterday i got a hair cut! First time i had my hair cut by a man! they are the best! Since I was 14, i had my hair cut from the same person at the same salon.... Even when I lived elsewhere, I returned to her. Last September, she cut my hair so bad, she didn t even care to apologize... and she even charged me more.... ouatte de phoque????
So, i let my hair grew , grew and grew until I was fed up ! So yesterday I went to HIM!!!! He`s probably gonna be my new hair dresser for the future!!!! Thank you!!!!
With my new career comes regular paycheck!!! thank you!!!! I figure that by next June, my debt should be gone!!! Yahoo!!! So, yesterday, i went shopping: 2 bras (smaller size but high quality), 3 dress-shirt and one very slimming dress!!!! Yes!!! all that under 250$ (hair cut included!) Thanks to It`s all Maya, for the Sears clearance sales.... YES!!!! Best of it, I went to Sears and got an extra 5$ off for just watching a 10 minutes fashion show! :) Plus 20% off because it was Saturday!
I went out with new friends, resto, bowling, arcade and a fine bistro where I drank fine Apple cider!!!! Came back home at 3 am.... ouf!!! in 25 days, i`ll came closer to be 40.... well 4 more years to go.... I look younger now than I did when I was 25.... 10 years ago.... go figure!!!! but I like it!

On that, have a good week!!! week # 7 :)
picture taken from google. Le trou du Diable is where I had my apple cider last night.... was sitting next to this....

mercredi 1 avril 2009

le 1er avril!!!

Yes, today is a fun day!!! It`s April fool`s day! In French we call it Poisson d`avril.... (april fish!)

I don`t remember the origin of this celebration, but let me tell you what happend to me more than a decade ago...

It was when I lived in Estevan, Saskatchewan. I was working as a French monitor in an anglophone school... As the French monitor, I was in charge of organizing french activities... So, in late March, my students and I made a giant mural that look like a fish tank. All my students created their own fish made of paper, etc... The funny thing is that they didn`t understand why they had to made a fish and a huge fish tank... and I kept telling them, "well it`s for the 1st of April!!!!" anyway, they went along with my project... and i would tell them: it`s to celebrate April fish!!! til a grade one said to me : Oh, Madame you mean April fool!!! I guess the joke was on me!!! We all had a good laugh about it!!!

I should`ve taken a picture of that mural back then....

On that, Happy April Fish day everyone... I mean April Fool!!! ;)

picture taken from google.